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We will look at pregnancy symptoms, pregnancy stages, period, week by week, and pregnancy diet. We will also see pregnancy food and pregnancy food to avoid.

One of the dreams that every woman has in her life after her marriage is to have a child. Pregnancy is said to be an experience that perfects a woman! Many girls, however, have many doubts about  pregnancy.

No matter how much our lifestyle has changed, nature does its job. Therefore, in the past, pregnancy, having a child, and raising them happen automatically at the right time after marriage. It rarely had to be taken with the help of a doctor.

First Pregnancy

Nowadays the age of marriage of girls has gone beyond the average of 25. Marriage now occurs at the age when there was a child at the age of the past. After that, no one wants a child until he feels confident about a job, home, a new marriage, and a world. It shows 3 to 5 years of time going. So nowadays the girl’s first pregnancy was around the age of 30.¬†¬†

As the girl grows older, there are some obstacles to pregnancy, lack of trouble, healthy and healthy growth of the baby, so perhaps every pregnancy has become a precious pregnancy nowadays.

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First Pregnancy
First Pregnancy

Pregnancy Symptoms

What are the common signs of being pregnant?

Girls who have a regular menstrual period after marriage may have pregnancy if they have a long period, but they are sure after a pregnancy test and when they positive.

What are the symptoms when you are pregnant?

Not every woman will have all the symptoms at all. However, generally symptoms are nausea, continuous mouth-watering, vomiting in the morning, rarely vomiting during the day, fine dizziness, fatigue, frequent urination. 

These symptoms last about the first 3 months and then decrease.

Pregnancy Stages - Week by Week

The total time of pregnancy is 9 months. It was divided into three parts in the
first 3 months (first trimester),
the second 3 months (second trimester),
the third 3 months (third trimester)

In the first 3 months, there are problems composed above because at that time the womb stabilizes in the uterus. 

For the second 3 months, the growth of all the organs of the baby is complete.

When the third three months are the last, all the organs of the baby are well nourished, the baby’s weight increases properly and it is perfectly healthy and suitable for birth.

Pregnancy Stages
Pregnancy Stages

Pregnancy Common Queries

Once there is pregnancy, how will that baby be then? Will its growth be right? Will it weigh well? Will it be good with wisdom? Many such questions come to the mind of the mother. All these things are also very important in terms of baby growth.

If there are any diseases or internal defects, it is different, but if the baby wants nice, healthy, how is it to eat and drink within 9 months of a large amount of pregnant age? Does she take all the given medicines on time? Do you check properly from time to time? Is her mental state in these 9 months? Is she under a lot of taunts or happy? Depends on many such things.

Ayurveda and Pregnancy (Garbh) Sanskar

For this reason, in Ayurveda, pregnancy sanskar (commonly known as¬†Garbh Sanskar) is given special treatment for the baby. In which treatment is given to increase the intelligence and mind of the baby’s body. If the mother takes this treatment for nine months, it seems to have a proper effect on the growth of the baby.

Then now it is realized that in any way the baby wants good treatment, the mother has to take treatment. Because the mother’s¬†uterine umbilical cord¬†is connected to the baby, which properly transforms the account that the mother drinks and nourishes the baby.

What is Garbh Sanskar
What is Garbh Sanskar

Pregnancy Foods

Eating and drinking may not go well when the first three months may be a little troublesome. In such a situation, the day should start with dry food, such as sali lahiya, churmur, khakra. That is, the nausea decreases. Do not avoid eating as it vomits. Keep eating what goes on after a while. Keep taking liquids like syrup, sups, etc. Drink water. This problem is reduced after three months.

The next 3 months are important in terms of baby organ growth and the next 3 months for the baby’s nutrition. Therefore, the better the mother’s diet during this period, the more likely the baby to become healthy.

Pregnancy Food to Avoid

First of all, two things should be avoided. The first thing, desire, desire, desire, so that shiny, fried, foods should not be eaten too much. Secondly, since it is pregnant, one should eat nutritious food constantly so that foods like almonds, cashew nuts, walnuts should not be overdone.

Pregnancy Diet

Gradually, when the nausea, vomiting decreases, you should always come to the diet you take. You need to eat whole meals twice daily, one fruit daily, breakfast like hunger in the morning and milk 2 times a day.

Take pulses, bounce, vegetable salads all for meals. There are many misconceptions in the society about what a pregnant woman should eat and what not to eat.

However, it is important to avoid very spicy, fried foods, avoid eating fruits like papaya. The baby’s nutrition is going to come from what the mother eats every day. The mother should eat the same diet as her digestion and this is why it is necessary to eat fresh, easy to digest, tasty and all inclusive foods every day. Take tea, coffee at least, avoid cold drinks, alcohol. Smoking is very dangerous for the baby so no one in the mother or her contact should smoke.

Pregnancy Diet
Pregnancy Diet

As the months are filled, the size of the stomach increases. Its pressure reaches the digestion and causes excessive appetite, lack of cleanliness and discomfort. There are some simple remedies for this Eat ova (ajwain), fennel seeds and sesame seeds one by one after meals every day. In the afternoon, soak 10 to 15 black raisins in water and chew them after 3-4 hours and drink it.

How much should you eat sweets in pregnancy?

It is okay to eat a little sweet as if there are all the foods in the diet. You must take kheer, laddoo, vein, halwa. Foods like dairy sweets, pedhas, barfi are heavy to digest so they should be eaten less. Also eat less curd, lassi, milkshakes. Take milk, buttermilk. Sometimes some women get diabetes at pregnant feet, eat sweets with the advice of your doctor, but eat other foods.

Pregnancy Diet
Pregnancy Diet


In short, take your daily food during pregnancy. Take pulses, bounce, vegetable salads, daily. Don’t just eat roti-bhaji. Eat fruits. Drink milk. All these foods provide good nutrition to the baby and keeping a simple daily diet does not cause any digestive problems to the mother.

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