What is Infertility?

Before we look into infertility treatment in ayurveda let us understand what is infertility – Infertility is inability to conceive. The word fertility comes with a meaning of reproduction. We call soil is fertile, when it gives a good harvest of grains. So when there is good reproductive capacity, it is called as fertile. So when this ability to reproduce gets affected it is called as Infertility.

There are 2 parts of Infertility.

1)Female infertility

2)Male infertility

Yes, infertility can be in both, males and females.

To understand Infertility we need to understand the basic process of conception.

How does conception take place?

In females, there are 2 cycles going on every month in the body.

  • Menstrual cycle ‚Äď In this a female menstruates for 4-5 days every month. The bleeding that takes place in this 4 days of menstruation is shedding off the endometrium.

Endometrium is the  inner lining of the uterus. It is actually a preparation of the womb every month to keep the ground ready if the pregnancy takes place. It provides  agood cushioning and then the nutrition to foetus. If the pregnancy does not take place, it sheds off. When pregnancy takes places, menstruation stops. It stops because it gets engaged in the foetus nutrition.

  • The second cycle is Ovulation cycle.

Every female has 2 ovaries. There is a formation of eggs in each ovary. There are some mature ovums every months. But every month bothn ovaries does not ovulate. It is either right ovary or left ovary. So the matured ovum gets out from the ovary every month. This happens  after 10 days, the menstruation happens. So 10th day to 18th day from the day of menstruation are very important to get conceived. For example, if a female menstruation date is say 1st of january then her ovulation period is 10th to 18th January.

This means for conception 10th to 18th January  are most important period.

In a physical contact, when a sperm enters the ovulated ovum conception takes place.

This is the basic information about conception.

infertility treatment Pune India

infertility treatment Pune India

What are the causes of Infertility?

Before we go ahead into the causes of infertility, we need to know that Infertility can be in males or females or both.

So, causes of infertility can be male sperm problems, female ovum problems or both. So it is important that in a case of infertility , both male and female all investigations are essential. This help us reach to a right diagnosis. According to the diagnosis, treatment can be focused and the chances of resolving the case and getting conceived are more.

In females causes of infertility are multiple. Why so? This is because parts of reproductive system are more and she carries a foetus in her womb. So there are multiple factors involved.

Before we turn to the pathological causes of infertility we must understand that the problem of infertility can also occur due to inappropriate information, inappropriate  physical contacts, misunderstandings, taboos..etc.

What are the misconceptions?

Requirement for getting conceived is —

1)  In a physical contact, after the ejaculation semen must enter the vaginal passage. The misconception is many couples do all type of foreplay but avoid actual insertion and semen drop due to some wrong notions.

If the sperm and ovum contact is not established ,how conception will take place? It will not.

2) The physical contact must take place in ovulation period of the female. That is 10th day to 18th day of menstruation. At that time the egg is ready for conception. If physical contact does not take place in those 8 days conception will not occur.

This is a very common observation that a female does not get conceived due to above causes which are just out of misconception and actually there is no pathological problem. There are other female health problems also.

This gets resolved with proper scientific counselling of both the partners. So it does not really need any medical treatment.

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