What is Garbha sanskar?

Garbha sanskar is actually preparation of both the parents to conceive and bear a child.to become parents is a very emotionally beautiful thing. Every couple after certain period of marriage, comes up with that urge  and expectation that they want to become a parent now ! Then the process starts.

For few months after giving a try for natural conception, if there is a problem, then the couple starts with the treatment. Many times doctors find some problem in male or female partner that prevents the female partner to get conceived. But after the proper treatment, the good news comes.

So actually garbhasanskar treatment includes  a part of Infertility treatment(If required) and then once a female partner is conceived then the healthy mother and healthy baby treatments takes place for next 9 months.

So actually Garbhsanskar is the preparation of the body and mind to receive a baby. There is a very beautiful analogy given in the texts of Ayurveda. It says,  a farmer prepares his farm before sowing seeds. He takes lots of efforts on the soil so that after sowing the farm soil immediately accepts the seeds and grows them well.

Similarly,  consider our body as a farm soil and pregnancy is seed sowed in that soil. Our body  is continuously undergoing wear and tear. We eat many different types of foods which are many times spicy,pungent etc.. We also indulge many other foods because of craving, which are actually not so healthy. This helps create toxins in the body. Many people already have some chronic problems like acidity, allergic cough and cold, migraine etc… It is advised to get your present problems treated before you go for pregnancy. There are many hereditary or genetic problems with many individuals like trait of Diabetes, Epilepsy, cancer,heart disease etc..

Is it possible to remove them totally from the genes of next generation? It is very difficult to prove. But the concept is like this, bad creatures, insects always grow on a garbage. If you clean the garbage insects flee away. Similarly, if we try to make our body clean,remove all toxins from body, treat our present ailments and try level best to make it healthy the chances of getting next generation affected by diseases becomes less.

Ayurveda always believes in Prevention. So in the Garbha sanskar also, it advises detoxification of the whole body before conception. The whole intention is to make your body very clean, fertile to receive the seed which leads to pregnancy.

When we talk of a seed, it is from both the parents, husband and wife. In todays very hectic, challenging lifestyle especially in metro cities and other big cities it certainly takes toll on physical and mental health of both, husband and wife. Many time a decision of pregnancy is delayed due to other priorities.

Garbha Sanskar

Garbha Sanskar

Age is another big factor which plays an important role in the pregnancy. Humans are part and parcel of this nature. So accordingly to get married in the age of 20 to 27 years is the ideal age. But in the changed circumstances this age has been discarded long back for getting married. Now average age of both boy and girl, ranges to 28 to 32 for marriage.

As the age advances, the hormonal natural support to human body starts declining slowly. Stress and hectic lifestyle adds to it. So after the age of 34-35 difficulties are more and couples face challenges to become parent.

Ayurveda helps here. The total detoxification of the body, preparation of body and mind helps for getting conceived naturally.

That is why Ayurveda strongly recommends Garbhsanskar even before pregnancy.

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