Need of Garbh Sanskar ? Training and Treatment

Why Garbh Sanskar is required?

Environmental  factor is core one. The effect of pollution in the air, water  and many other factors take its toll on the body .  Food pattern has changed. There is adulteration in the food. Ample use of artificial and chemical manures  is  deteriorating the quality and nutrition from food.

When such a adverse changes go   around years after years  as the rule of evolution these changes percolate in the genes . The frequency of complicated   pregnancies ,  abnormal or unhealthy fetus has increased tremendously in last few years.

Garbhsanskar is an effort to  change all this for better. Treatments at Ojas clinic has done tremendous research  and designed a well defined garbhsanskar treatment.

It is always made customized after a thorough check-up, as every human is different and needs little changes in the treatment as per requirement. It goes for nine months till the pregnancy matures and delivery takes place.

we give very effective Treatment and Training in Garbh Sanskar. Pre Pregnancy Care, Pre Pregnancy Diet, Pre Pregnancy Counselling, Pre Pregnancy Exercises.